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Live aquarium plants, like your fish, need food to thrive and stay healthy. You can keep your freshwater plants looking great and staying happy by feeding them in three different ways. The first way to feed your aquatic plants is by using a liquid fertilizer. Liquid plant foods contain trace elements and essential nutrients necessary to keep your plants thriving. Some liquid fertilizers include iron, which your plants need. An indication of lack of iron occurs when your plant leaves start turning yellow. Flourish liquid fertilizer by Laboratories is a popular choice by many planted tank owners. It's advisable to add liquid fertilizer to your tank during your routine water changes rmkw.ico, but remember to follow rmkw.ico the directions. A second way to feed your life freshwater plants, is by giving them fertilizer tablets. These are designed to be inserted into the gravel of the freshwater planted [rmkw.ico] aquarium. Like liquid fertilizer, they provide the important nutrients that many of your plants need. Tablets should be replaced every three to four months. Rmkw.ico another way to feed your live fish tank plants, is by in initially laying a substrate down beneath the gravel in your aquarium. If you're planning on having healthy plants, you really must use a nutrient rich substrate. You can't forget the roots of your plants. Placing a mineral rich layer of substrate on the bottom of your aquarium, and a layer of decorative gravel on top, will ensure that your plants' roots are also fed. Feed your plants as needed and you'll have a planted tank that both you and your fish will enjoy!

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